3D Printing… A Technology You Will See More Of

by · February 5, 2014

3D printers entered the markets in 2013, and seems like they will continue to spread massively in 2014. Technology research leaders, Gartner, predict worldwide shipping of 3D printers will grow at a rate of 75% in 2014, landing this kind of technology a spot in our top five predictions for this year. Check out the other four here:

3D printers come in all types, shapes and forms. They can be also used to accomplish a variety of tasks at personal and industrial levels. For example, there are small printing machines that can be used domestically to manufacture all sorts of small-scale products that can be used around the home. Watch the video below to see how this printer makes hooks and other home goods using plastic:


If you think that printer in the video above was small and portable, check out this 3D printer, “Doodle Pen” that does just as the name implies; it lets you draw in 3D! The pen uses special plastic sticks and enables people to draw real-life things directly into existence.


There are weirder 3D printers out there too. A company in Japan, for example, uses a 3D printer to make life-size doll figures of its customers. They first make a customer sit down and take high resolution pictures from all angles, they then print those onto dolls. Check out this image from one of their products:

A customer's doll

This year, 3D printers will also enter the world of medicine. The first 3D printed liver will be produced early 2014, which will be a great advancement in both technology and medicine combined. Read more about that here.

So, do you think 2014 will be the year you buy your first 3D printer?

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