Our 25 top MENA and global ICT stories from Q2 2013

by · July 8, 2013

digital-media-middleeast_275x231The last three months have seen the publication of a number of detailed research reports looking at the ICT experience of users in the Middle East. These include:

  • New data on MENA Internet usage,
  • The publication of the 5th Arab Social Media Report,
  • A report into Arab Media Use which demonstrated how social networks (and the web) are key sources of news
  • Data showing the extent of mobile growth in MENA over the last 10 years, and
  • The 5th Arab Youth Survey

Highlights from these reports can be found in our Q2 Digital Digest which is posted below and available in both English and Arabic.

Alongside this our Digest also includes insights into wider global developments, some of which can already been seen in Qatar and the Middle East. Others may impact on us in the future, but are worthy of consideration.

Topics we have included in this quarter are: data suggesting our constant need to be connected, the rise of “showrooming”, how tablet shipments have overtaken PCs for the first time, “Project Loon”, McKinsey’s 12 Disruptive Technologies, the potential for “Connected” Cars to save lives and whether Facial Recognition will be the next big thing in device security.

As always please feel free to share and embed these slides, and to add comments on the data points and stories which we have shared.

Don’t forget the 7 previous issues are also now available on the ictQATAR Slideshare channel. Happy Reading!


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