Technology & Education – Our Best Gift To Mothers And Mothers-To-Be

by · May 12, 2013

MD-educationMany parts of the world are celebrating Mother’s Day today, even though Qatar celebrated it earlier already. It is meaningful to celebrate motherhood on a special dedicated day even though they work hard every single day, hour, and minute to ensure their children grow up to be smart, intelligent, caring and considerate citizens of the world. Gift ideas abound as a token of our appreciation of our mothers, wives, sisters and friends but I feel the best gift that you can give these special women in our lives is education and access to technology.

Women, specifically mothers, deserve respect from their children and men not just because of their contribution but also the fact – face it – the world would not be possible without them. According to a new Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data, the more education a woman has, the better off her children will be. Makes common sense doesn’t it! But as per the data analyzed in the U.S. mothers with very young children are getting more and more educated than they ever have been.  The number of new mothers with less than a high school diploma declined 17%, and the number with only a high school diploma went down 15%.

The analysis identifies a strong linkage between the well-being of a child and education levels of the mother. The children of more educated mothers tend to have better cognitive skills and higher academic achievement than others as they grow up.

Perhaps this should have been anticipated. The advances in technology surely must have a part to play in this trend. The new mothers of 1960 or 1970s surely didn’t have access to the resources mothers of today have at their disposal. Also the consideration that the more education a woman obtains, the older she is when she gives birth.

Simply having access to technology changes outlook of women (and men) and transforms their lives along with lives of people around them.  It is evident from this paper by the International Center for Research on Women that educational and economic advancement of women is important.

Directly visible benefits of women’s education include improvement in their children’s welfare with access to income and technology. Moreover, a mother’s social and economic status is considered one of the best indicators of whether her children will complete their education and enjoy healthy.

Women with higher earning potential and education tend to vaccinate their children at roughly twice the rate of women with lower education and earning potential. And of course, needless to say children whose mothers enjoy higher earning potential and education go on to complete more education than children whose mothers have less schooling.

So do you still think flowers and jewelry say it better?

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