Top 10 Technology Stories in April 2013

by · April 30, 2013

We promised you that we will share the top 10 technology and Internet related news, and trends with you every month. So here’s the list of new products launched this month or coming soon. These were definitely eye-catching for us and we hope you will like the list too. Don’t feel shy to share your views.

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Xbox_reveal_610x6081.  The brand new Xbox 720 on its way: Microsoft is hosting an event May 21 which commentators say all but guarantees to show off the Xbox 720, as gleaned by an event invite recently sent out by the company. “A new generation revealed,” read the invitation, glittered with “Xbox”. We are excited even though the event is not hosted in Qatar. Are you? [Read More]

2. Twitter Music is now live: Twitter released its new music app this month, it’s a music discovery service that helps you find new music based on what’s popular, what your friends are listening to and what’s trending on Twitter #music [Read More]

3. Has Facebook reinvented the smartphone interface? If Facebook is the first app you reach for on your mobile phone, then Facebook Home could be just what you’ve been waiting for. Rather than release a special Facebook phone, as some had predicted, the social media giant has developed Facebook Home to replace the standard Lock, Home and App Launcher screens on high-end Android gadgets. [Read More]

4. BlackBerry brings back keyboard with Q10: The launch of the Q10 comes three months after the company unveiled the Z10, the other phone in its two-pronged strategy to claw back sales from the likes of Apple and Samsung. The new device is aimed at those who enjoy the traditional BlackBerry keyboard, but who also want touch screen functionality. [Read More]

5. Yahoo’s Mobile Push continues with weather, tablet mail apps: Yahoo! announced the introduction of two new mobile apps earlier this month – Yahoo! Weather and a tablet version of its Yahoo! Mail app. “Yahoo is taking a completely user-centric approach to product creation,” mobile chief Adam Cahan said, describing how after looking at what users have been doing with its current mobile apps and figuring out why they’re doing it Yahoo honed in on new ways to optimize user experience. [Read More]

6. Google Fiber to launch in Austin, Texas: Google Fiber offers Internet speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second, which Google says is 100 times faster than the average American Internet user’s service. Google also offers a Fiber TV service that lets customers watch all shows in HD, record up to eight shows at once and store up to 500 hours of HD video in the cloud. Customers can watch across several devices, including cell phones and PCs. [Read More]


7. Nokia Asha 210–with QWERT keyboard, WhatsApp button: Nokia unveiled the Asha 210 earlier this month; the device has a dedicated button for accessing popular social networks. Facebook will be offered in Europe and Latin America, but for the first time ever, WhatsApp will be fitted on devices sold in the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Africa. It will available in both single and dual-SIM versions.  [Read More]

8. LinkedIn launches ‘Contacts’ to help you foster professional networks: LinkedIn wants to help you stay in touch with all your former colleagues, current business partners and potential future employers in a handy web feature and standalone iOS app called LinkedIn Contacts, with plans to release a similar one for Android in the future. [Read More]

9. LinkMe displays SMS, social-media alerts on your wrist: LinkMe is a Bluetooth-enabled device that lets users view incoming text messages or social-media alerts on their wrist. They send a message with their smartphone via an app, which in turn, will be displayed on LinkMe. “It’s that simple — in meetings, in class or when you have your hands full, you’ll be able to receive the messages that matter to you most,” according to the device’s Kickstarter page. [Read More]

10. A “Misfit” emerges in the crowded field of fitness trackers: The Misfit Shine is a sleek, re-imagination of the pedometer. Though similar in function to Nike FuelBand, Fitbit One and other gadgets meant to help you shape up and slim down, the Shine sits in an entirely different world of design. You can sync your Misfit Shine with your smartphone simply by placing it on your phone screen and with its built-in sensors it can track cycling, swimming, running and walking. The Misfit Shine can also keep you on track all day with an array of light, that shines through microholes laser-drilled into the metal shell and alerts you about your activity progress. [Read More]

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