Top Q1 Digital Developments from MENA and around the world

by · April 7, 2013

digital-worldReaders of Digital Qatar may have spotted some of our semi-regular round-ups highlighting digital and tech developments in both the Middle East and globally.

These “Digital Digests” take the form of slides which you can download, share, embed or use for your own purposes (just be sure to credit us!). The 2012 issues proved to be very popular, with 31,500 views and 200 downloads.

We hope the 2013 issues, which will be quarterly, will be just as popular. You can see the latest slides below and on our Slideshare Channel. (Click on the right hand corner of the presentation to view it full screen).

Latest stories from the Middle East which may be of interest include:

  • How apps and social networks are being used to tackle traffic problems in Egypt
  • New data on twitter usage and influence in the region
  • The launch of a virtual shopping mall in Dubai

Plus we also include wider insights on:

  • Teens and Technology in the USA
  • Analysis from Cisco on mobile data in 2012 (+ predictions for mobile in 2017)
  • Privacy challenges being presented by Google Glass (aka their connected glasses)

And much, much, more….!

Read on and feel free to comment on any stories below.


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