Winston, At Your Service

by · March 3, 2013

WinstoniPhone users have grown to adore Siri for her ability to answer questions and help guide us through the daily travails of life. Well now Siri has an elder friend in the form of Winston, who is ready to give us our important news briefing on command. Speaking in a distinguished British accent, Winston, a new app from Reactor Labs, tells you the weather forecast for the day, gives you highlights from you social media feeds and shares the top stories in categories you select. It’s a great way to get the scoop well slowly starting your morning or when cooking dinner.

To start using Winston, you just download the free app from iTunes, connect it to your social media feeds and then select news topics of interest to you, such as technology, sports, world news, entertainment or politics. You can listen to a full brief of all your feeds or simply select one for a more topic focused briefing. Very VIP.

Take a look at how Winston works.

Winston is only available in the iTunes store currently, but it seems like just a matter of time before an Android app is developed. The allure of Winston is clear and I could see a lot of people enjoying it. There are still some bugs to be worked out in terms of how Winston pronounces some words – especially names – and there is certainly a need for more languages besides English (Arabic please!), but overall it’s a clean, easy to use app that makes life just a bit easier. I’d definitely recommend trying Winston out if you use an iPhone. Perhaps he will make you feel just a bit pampered.


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