Monthly : March 2013

31 Mar

Top 10 Tech Stories from March 2013

by Thamer Al Thani

We read the technology and Internet related news so that you don’t have to. This is the first in a monthly round up of the top ten stories which caught our eye. This covers everything from wearable technology to security issues with 4G dongles. Happy reading! 1.   First Apple. Then Samsung. Now Google? Are Smartwatches the […]

25 Mar

How a faster Internet may change how you work, rest and play

by Damian Radcliffe

Two years ago Brian Wesolowski  wrote here on Digital Qatar about the creation of the Qatar National Broadband Network Company and its remit to deliver fiber-to-home for an estimated 95% of Qatari households and businesses by 2015.  Alongside the work being done by QNBN, Ooredoo is also rolling out fiber connections across the country. For […]

17 Mar

Let The Children Watch YouTube Videos, But Safely!

by Anirudh Sharma

If you have young children at home, have you ever asked them to check out YouTube videos while you finished some errands or entertained friends in the evening? And have you sincerely believed your 10-year-old is only watching appropriate videos? Think again! Recently I read findings of a study of 10,000 children and found that […]

03 Mar

Winston, At Your Service

by Brian Wesolowski

iPhone users have grown to adore Siri for her ability to answer questions and help guide us through the daily travails of life. Well now Siri has an elder friend in the form of Winston, who is ready to give us our important news briefing on command. Speaking in a distinguished British accent, Winston, a […]