Monthly : February 2013

28 Feb

Mobile World Congress 2013 Shines The Spotlight On mHealth

by Wael Yousef

Global heavyweight telecom industry champions such as Vodafone, Nokia, HTC and AT&T are generally associated with communication strategies but at the Mobile World Congress 2013 (MWC2013), currently being held in Barcelona, Spain, since February 25, they are all speaking about mHealth – or the use of mobile technologies, devices and applications in the healthcare sector. […]

18 Feb

Our Top 10 Social Media Developments In MENA

by Damian Radcliffe

If you’re on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter – and I suspect most Digital Qatar readers are – then it’s easy to forget that actually you’re in a minority. Most other people in the region aren’t on social networks, but they are joining – and engaging – in ever increasing numbers. For example, 36,000 new people […]

12 Feb

Funding Options for Tech Entrepreneurs

by Brian Wesolowski

Every tech entrepreneur eventually needs funding at some stage in their business endeavor, whether it’s in the initial start-up phase or further down the line when they want to grow their business. Perhaps this is not as big of an issue in Qatar as it is in some other parts of the world, but to […]

05 Feb

Business Models for Technology Entrepreneurs

by Brian Wesolowski

About a year ago, ictQATAR conducted some internal research on the goals and aspirations of young Qataris. The number one “profession” Qataris aspired to be was not an engineer, a doctor, or even a lawyer. No, the top profession – and by a lot – was to be an entrepreneur. What exactly does that even […]

04 Feb

EyeGazing Art: In the blink of an eye

by Anirudh Sharma

They are both artists and make colorful, vibrant paintings. The gentle and swaying strokes of color can inspire anyone to look at life through a colored glass. The languid abstracts and landscapes evoke a sense of liberation. The refreshing pieces of art are available online…but just as one of my good art curator friend asked […]