My Digital New Year’s Resolutions

by · January 14, 2013

Happy 2013, Qatar! I’m a couple weeks late, but with the New Year still in its first month, I figured I could still share my digital resolutions for the year. These resolutions won’t be about weight loss or stopping smoking. Rather, my digital resolutions are about how I can be a better digital citizen and how I plan to take advantage of technology to improve my life – in an achievable manner! Here’s my top five for 2013.

1. Move my important files to the cloud – As my beloved laptop begins to age, I am faced with the very real possibility that it might just crash. This would be catastrophic. All my high-resolution family and holiday photos are stored right on my laptop, along with my music, work files, papers and countless movies. Yes, this is the year I move my precious digital files to the cloud, where a crash of my laptop will not mean I lose them forever. Apple has made this seamless for me with iCloud, so now it’s up to me to take advantage of all that it offers, and explore other options for what may not make sense to be stored there.

I’m moving to the iCloud!

2. Embrace the mobile wallet – I have left countless credit cards at restaurants, but I have never left my mobile phone and not realized it instantly. Yes, my phone is attached to me in ways my wallet is not, so this year I will start to take advantage of a mobile wallet, such as Google Wallet. Perhaps though, I’ll just start with mobile payment through the Starbucks app. Let’s not go too fast!

3. Finally figure out LinkedIn – As an unemployed graduate student, I am fully aware that the job hunt is just a few semesters off. This slightly terrifies me. To make this less frightening, I pledge to make my LinkedIn profile all it can be and to actually engage in the site to uncover connections and job leads. I have some friends that are amazing at this, yet I plod along and continue to treat it like a third-class social network. Not in 2013!

4. Make my passwords better – A while back, I wrote about how to make your password stronger. Well, I didn’t really follow all of the tips in my post – busted. This year, as I go more digital, I pledge to use more special characters, use different passwords across sites and make my passwords much longer.

Yes, a digital wallet in 2013

5. Stop putting my cell phone on the table – One of my biggest pet peeves is when people constantly check their cell phones and forget about the person they are actually sitting with. Sadly, I am guilty of this from time to time, so in 2013 I will keep the phone in my pocket or bag while I am sitting down to dinner or lunch with friends –  and maybe, just maybe, I’ll even keep it off the table during class.

There you have it. What are your digital resolutions for 2013? I’d love to hear them and perhaps add them to mine.

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    Too bad they don’t enable Google Wallet in Qatar! It would make life a lot easier!

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