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by · December 26, 2012

No one can deny the importance of advertising. Companies are spending huge amounts of money to get customers to notice their products annually. Advertising is a key tool for both the company to inform customers of its products and for costumers to know what is new and available in the market.

In the time where almost everything is turning digital, there is a notable rising in number of the internet users on a daily if not hourly basis. According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) one-third of the world’s population are already Internet users. That is a big pool of potential customers for some of the bigger companies, of course. In reaction to that, we clearly see that like other marketing tools, advertising too is slowly migrating to online and digital platforms rather than print channels and billboards. This is a huge advantage for companies since now, with the aid of the internet, they have direct one-on-one contact with their customers in more than one way.

Another factor in advertising going digital is mobile phones that are being used more and more by people across the world. Most phones, mobile devices and TVs are connected to the internet. For example, when you stop at traffic lights while driving, try noticing the big number of people around you who are checking their phones. Perhaps you are one of them too!

Another ITU statement – “with 5.9 billion mobile-cellular subscriptions, global penetration has reached 87%” – clearly shows the growing number of phones, especially smartphones. The internet has given companies several channels to enter their customers’ lives at work and at home. Digital advertising, you will agree, has many more attractive traits, including the immediacy of viewing content. Regardless of what time zone you’re in and in which country, the ad will be displayed where needed at the same time.

In conclusion, digital and online advertising has really helped companies broaden their scope and reach in terms of their targeted audiences. It’s indeed interesting to observe this growth and its effect on customers. It keeps us wondering about what’s the next big thing for advertising? How can it evolve more than this? We reckon we will not have to wait too long to find out.

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