Taking Farming Vertical

by · November 14, 2012

Two things Qatar clearly lacks are good land for agriculture and fresh water. Two things it does not lack are a growing population and wilted produce at grocery stores. To address these issues, perhaps Qatar should think vertically, as in VertiCrop.

VertiCrop is a relatively new technology developed by Vancouver-based Alterrus. The technology takes farming vertical and purports to provide a yield of up to 20 times that of field crops while using only 8% of the water required of land farming. It also takes up far less horizontal space.

Take a look at how VertiCrop uses heavy industry-inspired technology to tackle agriculture in an innovative way. (note: Valcent changed its name to Alterrus)

VertiCrop would certainly be advantageous in urban settings and certainly takes the whole urban farming concept to a whole new level. Not surprisingly, Vancouver has already set-up some urban farms using the VertiCrop technology, literally turning parking lots into food producing farms.

As more consumers are beginning to demand local produce and countries strive to have more sustainable food sources, VertiCrop seems like a technology that could be on the verge of taking off. In Qatar, the potential benefits seem quite clear. With a highly centralized population, creating some larger scale, high-rise style farms could serve the rapidly growing community in a more sustainable way than imports – and we may have less wilted lettuce. Vegetarians and health fanatics rejoice!

Would you like to see VertiCrop technology in Qatar?

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