How Digital Platforms Can Help Women in Qatar Excel in Business and Beyond

by · October 7, 2012

As more and more women become connected and digitally savvy, they are breaking down many of the traditional barriers to women in business. Hind Al-Saad, Market Intelligence Officer at ictQATAR’s Digital Innovation Center discusses how social media can help women excel in business.

What are the uses and limits of social networking in business and market development?

For women to truly reap the benefits of social networking for business purposes, we need to be willing to be more engaged online. This does not mean we need to sacrifice our privacy. We should take care to balance our personal and professional lives, however failing to market and position our businesses through social media is mistake.

We also need more quality Arabic content for social media in business to thrive here. Content is truly important, so a savvy businesswomen could create any number of businesses around it and use social media to share it globally. By no means will social media ensure a successful business, but increasingly, if you aren’t in the social networks, you don’t really exist.

In a world where there are more than 2 billion people connected to the Internet, women in business need to find ways to tap into such a tremendous pool of potential partners and clients. Social media is one of those tools.

Can social networking promote Arab women’s causes?

I believe technology, including social media, can serve as a tremendous equalizer for women in the business and social realms. Sharing the unique views and perspectives of Arab women in the most prominent social networks brings our thoughts, ideas and aspirations to the broader global community. We all benefit when diverse views and opinions are shared, and Arab women should work to be part of the worldwide dialogue on a rage of issues, including education, entrepreneurship and social equality.

Can the benefits of social networking be gender specific and to what extent?

Women have every opportunity to grow innovative businesses online or to leverage their businesses through social media. By no means does social media need to be gender specific, but women have ample opportunity to be leaders in the digitally connected, hyper social world. Here at ictQATAR, we are working with the private sector to find ways to engage more women in ICT-related positions, including opportunities through our Digital Innovation Center that is currently accepting applications for companies that are seeking incubation. There is more than $8 trillion of business conducted online each year and there is no reason women cannot be a major part of that. We hope that women in Qatar will take advantage of this opportunity and join in our digital ecosystem.

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Julia Astashkina is heading the Marketing and Outreach Section at the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology in Qatar. She runs organization’s multiple communications and marketing initiatives and is a guest blogger of the Digital Qatar blog. Julia has extensive experience in strategic marketing, communications, and social innovation. She has an MBA and other degrees from Georgetown and ESADE, and is the community lead for Creative Commons Qatar.


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