Monthly : October 2012

22 Oct

ISOC Qatar invites you to attend “iNET Qatar: The Rise of the Arab Information Society”

by Damian Radcliffe

Digital Qatar readers are invited to attend a major international Internet conference being organized by ISOC Qatar in partnership with the Internet Society (ISOC), ictQATAR and Carnegie Mellon Qatar on 27th November 2012.   The event – iNET Qatar: ‘The Rise of the Arab Information Society’ – will explore a number of issues with which Digital Qatar readers will be very familiar. This includes topics such […]

15 Oct

What Inspires You?

by Julia Astashkina

I am always on the lookout for simplicity and common-sense sustainable form in everything from the next marketing campaign concept to a better way to manage my emails. Genuine innovation, in my opinion, is not about great breakthroughs, it’s about the unsung heroes – the processes that close the gap between business strategy and day-to-day […]

09 Oct

What We Can Learn from Infosys about Building a Sustainable ICT Talent Engine

by Julia Astashkina

In spite of setbacks in the IT services industry due to weak global economies, Infosys, one of India’s largest IT companies, has not only been successful, but it has been growing much faster than most other companies in the same space, including veterans like Accenture. Just in 2011 the company added 17,000 employees to its […]

07 Oct

How Digital Platforms Can Help Women in Qatar Excel in Business and Beyond

by Julia Astashkina

As more and more women become connected and digitally savvy, they are breaking down many of the traditional barriers to women in business. Hind Al-Saad, Market Intelligence Officer at ictQATAR’s Digital Innovation Center discusses how social media can help women excel in business. What are the uses and limits of social networking in business and […]

02 Oct

The Allure of Twitter: 5 Tips for Businesses in Qatar

by Julia Astashkina

Consider this, there are nearly 60,000 users from Qatar on Twitter, and Arabic is the fastest growing language on that platform. Not surprisingly, many companies in Doha are already using or at least considering Twitter for building brand awareness, online public relations, getting customer feedback, and even leads. Yet just like any other social media […]