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by · September 29, 2012

Open online courses, Wiki universities, social media tutoring networks – how people upgrade their skills is changing.

Just think about it – a significant portion of the working population today earns its living doing a job that didn’t exist 30 years ago. Most careers today have no defined path, and we all must be the inventors of our own professional future to rise to the top. We must carve our own paths, and learning new skills and keeping up with professional networks are the two sure ways how to stay on top of the game.

Open education can help you explore relentlessly and, often, for free. The tiny movement that started at MIT has spread globally to hundreds of institutions that have shared their normally very expensive materials at the OpenCourseWare Consortium.

The ever-growing menu of high-quality, online tutorials available on sites like General Assembly, Khan Academy, Skillshare and more. Your employer might also have an arrangement with online learning solutions like Qatar National e-Learning Portal (QNEP) that is not available for individuals, but organizations can join. QNEP offers a whopping 47,000 courses to choose from and makes indulging your curiosity easy.

One of my personal favorites is P2PU. The online University of the People offers a wealth of high quality open content, but unlike other platforms it also helps you make connections with millions of other like-minded people to learn with. We all know that technology will never change some things, and one of those is the power of networking and cultivating alliances that will propel you to the next job. P2PU is about teaching and learning by peers for peers. Everyone has something to contribute and everyone has something to learn, plus learning with friends is always more fun.  Browse their website for topics that might be of interest – social innovation, Web design, data, analytics, and mathematics are just some of the categories that are available.

If you are an expert in a particular field, you can also create your own course and share with others. The courses are available in several languages, and even though Arabic is currently not one of them, you can become one of the contributors. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer translator, you can contact for more information.

How Do You Keep Learning On and Off the Job?

Are there any online resources that you particularly love? Share your tips on staying on top of the game.

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