Monthly : September 2012

29 Sep

Thrive with Online Learning

by Julia Astashkina

Open online courses, Wiki universities, social media tutoring networks – how people upgrade their skills is changing. Just think about it – a significant portion of the working population today earns its living doing a job that didn’t exist 30 years ago. Most careers today have no defined path, and we all must be the […]

27 Sep

Creating Shared Value with Technology and Social Media

by Julia Astashkina

Quite a few companies in Qatar have already recognized the importance of shared value and corporate social responsibility. A few that stand out are Vodafone, and Qatar Airways – both have embarked on important efforts to create the intersection between society and corporate performance. Against the backdrop of building local ecosystems, crowdsourcing, efficient supply chain […]

16 Sep

Online Shopping in Qatar

by Nadim Rifai

 I recently decided to buy a nifty new electronic gadget; a tablet. Due to the unavailability of the specific brand of tablet that I wanted in Qatar, I had to venture into the world of online shopping so I can order it directly from the United States. This sounded simple initially, but at the end […]

12 Sep

iPad Only Classrooms in the Gulf

by Sarah Spendiff

The paperless classroom is on the way in the Gulf as the UAE’s Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT), the country’s largest higher education institution, is planning to remove paper and pens from classrooms and become the first in the region to roll out iPad-only lessons. The Gulf university has reportedly struck a deal with a […]

03 Sep

Why You Are About To Start Paying More for Your Electronics

by Julia Astashkina

What do Apple, Sony, and Nokia have in common and why should you care? Well, they all work with Foxconn, a Chinese manufacturer that actually produces over forty percent of the world’s electronics. In view of not-so-recent Apple-Foxconn scandal and its consequences you are about to start paying more for your electronics whether you are […]