Monthly : August 2012

07 Aug

Growing Digital Content in the Arab World – a Case for Global Collaboration

by Julia Astashkina

The Arabic speaking population today is only 5 percent of the world’s total, but it is the fastest growing language on the Web with an astonishing growth rate of over 2,500 percent over the last decade. In comparison, English has grown at only about 300 percent, Spanish at 800, although Russian is trailing right behind […]

06 Aug

Social Funnies – a Light Hearted Look @ Social Media

by Sarah Spendiff

Listen up – Facebook is the only place where it is OK to talk to the wall! And other very funny signs have been circulating the web recently. Here is a roundup of the funniest we found to lighten the load this weekend. And let’s face it – it wouldn’t be funny if it weren’t […]

01 Aug

Optimizing Arabic Sites for Search

by Sarah Spendiff

A startling fact is that there are 340m Arabic speakers world-wide, yet less than 2% of the content on the internet is currently in Arabic. E-commerce is booming in the region, but many websites are still targeting users in English. As the amount of Arabic content available on the internet is still relatively limited, it […]