Social Funnies – a Light Hearted Look @ Social Media

by · August 6, 2012

Listen up – Facebook is the only place where it is OK to talk to the wall! And other very funny signs have been circulating the web recently. Here is a roundup of the funniest we found to lighten the load this weekend. And let’s face it – it wouldn’t be funny if it weren’t also true . Those who tweet whilst evacuating a building – you know who you are!!

There’s more – not just homemade signs – but custom printed too – so it must be true – don’t tweet and evacuate!

Even animations are getting in on the act – these LEGO characters are not only uber cool- they’re social addicts too!

What do you get when you cross MySpace with Facebook? Spacebook of course – somehow Darth Vader updating his status makes him seem all kinda cuddly – doesn’t it? Imagine him ‘Liking’ your holiday snaps!!

Not forgetting the classic Simpsons – my kind of homework!

Even the devout are getting in on the act

And you know all about the Chuck Norris phenomenon right? How Chuck Norris is actually dead,  but death is too scared to tell him;  how he can kill a living room and that he doesn’t cut his grass – he just goes outside and dares it to grow. Well there’s more, be afraid, be very afraid…

In fact Facebook is everywhere and it seems that not everyone is a fan – LIKE anyone?

I LIKE it – what about you?

Above is a little help for those of us in understanding our Pinterest from our Instagram

And finally a word of warning – remember this…

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