Make a Billion from Mobile Apps

by · July 11, 2012

Abdu Sekalala made a billion from mobile apps

ictQATAR is calling for nominations for the best in locally developed mobile content and innovative apps for the 2012 World Summit Award. Mobile content and apps are hot stuff and entrepreneurs are making millions by producing the mobile content that people want.

Now the application process for the 2012 World Summit Award has officially opened, with ictQATAR’s Government Portal Manager, Reem Al-Mansoori leading the nomination process for Qatar. The WSA seeks to uncover innovative solutions hidden within creative minds that have the ability to change our everyday lives. If you have such a project this could be the ideal way to make your mark as well as a billion, just like the 22-year-old Ugandan student, Abdu Sekalala.

The young IT student made a fortune developing mobile phone applications, including the well-known and highly successful Wordbook. This earns him US $1.25 each time it’s downloaded, and with over 300,000 downloaded so far, the student is more than US $375,000 richer, or in Ugandan shillings, nearly a billion.

Sekalala designed nine global apps so far, competing with some of the world’s most popular applications and includes the Tutu Translator and World Sports which is aimed at soccer fans. Africa boasts a fast growing telecommunications industry and is rich in opportunity, much like Qatar. Those with some technical ability are able to generate what could be the next million QAR mobile application because all you need is your computer and your idea, you need little startup capital.

Sekalala now mentors other potential app developers even though he is still studying IT at college. He learnt how to develop apps through a Nokia training program and now, with a steady income, will have no financial concerns after college. Could this be the case for you?

Mobile usage has outgrown Internet usage in terms of access and we can do more and more things with our mobile phones. Qatar has a very high smartphone penetration rate, but very low utilization of mobile apps. Could you be the person to change that?

There are now more than 4.4 billion connections registered around the world, so we live in the age of mobile applications and content. Mobile phones have become ever smarter and we rely on them increasingly for a growing number of tasks. Quite simply the mobile phone is likely to be the most used device by all who have one.

The 2010 WSA is open to any company, organization or individual in the content industry in any UN member state. There is no limitation regarding the platforms or channels the projects work with but all entries have to be real products. This  is a content-focused award and does not evaluate the commercial success or the organizational implementation and use of products.

If you have great mobile content or locally developed apps, contact ictQATAR via email by July 16 at to be considered for nomination. For more information, visit



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