Technology I Want to See in Qatar: ErgoSensor Monitors

by · June 4, 2012

As I type this post, I am convinced I am taking at least some weeks and perhaps years off my life by having an office desk job. I am constantly slouching in my chairs, squinting at the screen and twisting my neck to hold the phone between my ear and shoulder. Not the picture of perfect posture at all!

Since many of you in Qatar probably practice similarly poor habits, and also likely don’t take a lunch time walk because of the lack of sidewalk here, I’m sure you’d be all for a technology that could help you be more healthy and productive while sitting at your desk and working away. In going through my morning news today I read through the New York Times feature on “32 Innovations That Will Change Your Tomorrow,” and found one: The Philips ErgoSensor monitor. The monitor is billed as the first “intelligent display” that advises you how to sit in a more ergonomically correct way at your computer, thus helping you be healthier and potentially more productive.

Check out those ergonomics!

The ErgoSensor monitor has sensors built in that track and measure a user’s behavior, and then advises them on the optimal distance to be away from the screen, proper neck positioning and when to take breaks from sitting. If you are too close or sitting in a poor posture, it will alert you to correct it. The monitor is also designed so that simple adjustments can easily be made to allow you to position it so you can work more ergonomically.

Beyond being better for your health, the monitor is also better for the environment than most. It is made from 65% post-consumer recycled plastics and, because it can sense you, it can power down when you are away from your chair. It also has a nifty “zero power” switch that allows you to completely cut your monitor off from power when it’s not in use, and it also has a range of power saving options that allow you to adjust brightness based on the activity you are doing.

The Philips ErgoSensor monitor is definitely a technology I’d love to see sold in Qatar soon. Also, be sure to check out all the other innovations in the New York Times feature. It’s likely I’ll pull-out a few more for this blog.

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