Monthly : June 2012

25 Jun

Flame & Stuxnet: From Viruses to Cyperweapons

by Nadim Rifai

Part 1: Stuxnet. Malware, viruses, cyber threats generally are getting more and more sophisticated and now there is that other threat, the new kid on the digital block – ‘cyber-weapons’. How much do you actually know about these?  There was a media, technology, security, and political frenzy over the recently discovered Flame and Stuxnet viruses, […]

21 Jun

Data Roaming: How to Avoid Bill Shock

by Brian Wesolowski

If you have traveled abroad, then you have likely experienced it. Yes, being greeted upon your return home with an astronomical phone bill – the dreaded bill shock. One of the biggest culprits of high phone bills when traveling is data roaming. Many of us don’t realize how expensive it is until it’s too late. There are […]

20 Jun

Introducing Our All New DIGITAL DIGEST

by Damian Radcliffe

The Digital Digest harnesses and analyzes the very latest trends and developments impacting Qatar and the MENA region The use of the Internet and communication technology is growing rapidly, perhaps more so in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region than anywhere else. Alongside this, recent political changes in the region have resulted in […]

19 Jun

Wii Better Watch Out!

by Sarah Spendiff

With the Qatar summer in full velocity many of us have been finding ways to stay entertained inside, in the safety of our air conditioned apartments, understandably. However, finding ways to keep fit and occupied inevitably leads one to playing with the awesome Nintendo Wii or other fun games consoles such as the new Xbox […]

14 Jun

Qatar Regional leader in Social Media

by Sarah Spendiff

Qatar is leading the way in social media regionally according to statistics shared at the Digital Doha Summit hosted by Forum One Agency that focused on communications strategy and online trends. According to Nam-ho Park, Regional Director at Forum One and Director of Mobile Services, businesses and organizations in Qatar need to take a three […]