Monthly : May 2012

15 May

Is Your Website Ready for Mobile Technology?

by Sarah Spendiff

Here is the situation: More and more people are accessing the Internet from mobile devices. Here is the problem: Many websites are not geared up to be viewed in this way and with screens being so many shapes and sizes, data can go missing. Here is the solution: Responsive Design – designed for digital technology on […]

08 May

Protecting the Disabled with Technology

by Guest Blogger

When the Tsunami struck Japan in 2011 the world watched in horror as lives were lost and destruction reigned.  But there was a hidden tragedy that struck those with a disability the hardest. The disabled community suffered deaths and injuries between two and three times greater than their non-disabled peers and for them injury, rescue […]

06 May

Technology I Want to See in Qatar: Living Social

by Brian Wesolowski

OK, so this one is stretching the definition of technology a bit, but for today an online business counts as technology I want to see in Qatar. Why? Because LivingSocial is awesome and we are long overdue for having it here. I’m sure most of you are familiar with Living Social by now, but if you’re […]

02 May

Technology I Want to See in Qatar: Reward Speed Cameras

by Brian Wesolowski

Can fun change things for the better? When Kevin Richardson entered Volkswagen’s The Fun Theory contest he believed that fun could make roads safer, and in fact, he was right! Richardson’s winning entry in the 2010 VW contest was a Speed Camera Lottery, where speed cameras would be installed across a city and not only would […]