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by · May 30, 2012

Blogging is on the increase in Qatar with several active blogs here. ictQATAR recently held a blogging workshop for ‘Women in ICT’ day and have put together this mini series a guide to  ensure the widest possible readership of your blog.

Last time Flog your Blog; Getting it Reddit illustrated how to use social bookmarking to promote your blog. This time social media tricks are exampled.

Social Networking to Gain Results

You are probably already sharing your blog posts on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, these are easy. But what about having a strategy?


You could add a Facebook page, rather than just your own personal Facebook profile to promote your blog. This is a searchable page and makes sharing other people’s blog posts (which might that relate to yours, i.e. being in Qatar,  Cars or indeed Social Media) easy. It might also bring traffic to your own blog. Search out and ‘Like’ others’ Facebook pages, work on building ‘Likes’ on your own page and make connections with a like-minded  community to build your network. You can also install plugins that link your blog to your Facebook page, which automatically update as you post new blogs and it can transfer comments from Facebook to your blog. Networked Blog and Social Stage are among the best for this. Most businesses and organizations now have a Facebook page as it is seen as the marketing must have of the millennium, find out how to get yours here.


It might not get quite the same hype as other social media sites but LinkedIn packs a powerful punch when it comes to networking with professional people. As a no brainer, remember to link your blog to your profile under additional information. When using LinkedIn, search out individuals who might have an interest in your topic, either because they live in the area, or work in the same field as your blog topics, and invite them to read it, posting a link to them at the same time. LinkedIn groups are also an excellent way to promote your blog, they generate interest in you and your topics and people are able to leave comments and feedback on your blog. Position yourself as an expert on your subject by posting answers to questions and you could add a link to your blog on that very subject.


Connect your blog to Google+ so you can take advantage of automatic sharing as well as the Google+ blogging community and upcoming features designed to help you build your own following. When you share your post on Google+  you enable an entirely new group of people to find and follow you. How does it work? Once you have connected your blog to Google+ and published a post, a pre-filled share box will pop up. Select the circles that you wish to share with, add a custom message if you like and click ‘Share’. Your post will then appear in your Google+ stream, as well as in the streams of those you’ve shared with.


This site became an instant hit and has found a place in the top 10 largest social networking services, therefore it is too big to be ignored in your strategy. How does it work? Users can upload, save, organize and share their favorite pins so that they are easily seen by other people. You can use the ‘Pin it’ button to add your favorite content to your board. You can use anyone’s content and “Re-pin” it. Start by sharing some of the pins that will appeal to your readers in your blog posts and remember to use eye catching images to grab their interest in the first place. The goal is to get people to like your pictures, content, pins and posts as well as add comments, follow you and re-pin you. You can embed a ‘pinterest follow’ button on your blog to make it easy for the reader to stay up to date with what you share. The more advanced can check out Pin-tastic, Pinspired and 5MinutesForMum for useful tactics on driving traffic to your blog.


Over a 140 million people use twitter offering a substantial opportunity to have your blog read by at least some them. How? Well the obvious is to tweet a link to your blog, but first you must have an account, interact regularly with your followers, pursue other influential tweeters and grow your own following. All of those things are part of your strategy and need to be in place first. Don’t just send out one or two links to each blog post, you need to be out there and on Twitter frequently to get maximum benefit from your followers. There are some handy automating Twitter tools you can utilize to help with this, such as Hootsuite, Tweetspinner and TwitterFeed but avoid making your entire Twitter strategy on auto. You should also include a link to your blog in your bio and remember people love to leave comments and share content that interests them if you make it easy for them to do so, therefore install plugins that will link to Facebook and Twitter. You could install a tweet button in to every post to help people share it.

Top Tip: Get your blog in tip top condition by registering it with a blog search engines such as Technorati. This will increase your visibility and therefore your readership. Over million blogs are listed including top names such as TechCrunch, Daily Beast and TMZ so your blog will be in good company and signing up is free and easy.

The next edition of Flog Your Blog will focus on how using pictue sites such as Flickr, Tumbler and YouTube can help gnereate interest and and bring traffic to your site. Don’t miss it.

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