Technology I Want to See in Qatar: Reward Speed Cameras

by · May 2, 2012

Speed camera lottery image Can fun change things for the better? When Kevin Richardson entered Volkswagen’s The Fun Theory contest he believed that fun could make roads safer, and in fact, he was right! Richardson’s winning entry in the 2010 VW contest was a Speed Camera Lottery, where speed cameras would be installed across a city and not only would speeders be ticketed, but those going the speed limit rewarded by being entered into a lottery for a chance to win part of the fines collected from the speeders. Punish those not obeying the law and reward those who are – awesome!

I first learned of the Speed Camera Lottery when Gamification guru Gabe Zichermann used it as an example of how gaming can create positive change during his keynote talk at ictQATAR’s Everything Mobile Forum back in February, and what a great example it is. The Swedish Society for Road Safety tested out the Speed Camera Lottery System and found that they were able to reduce speeds in a school zone from an average of 32 km/h before the cameras to 25 km/h with the camera. That is significant change.

Qatar is littered with speed cameras and it is certainly debatable about whether they are reducing speeding here. For many of the wealthy inhabitants, fines simply are not enough of a deterrent. We have all seen this firsthand as a giant SUV comes barreling at us flashing its high beams. Perhaps a system of reward would work better. Why can’t Sweden’s success be replicated here? With the way people drive in Qatar, I think it’s worth a shot. That makes the Speed Camera Lottery a smart technology I’d like to see here soon.

Take a look at the video to see the Speed Camera Lottery in action.

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  1. rravisha says:

    I think the tunnel at the end of the Corniche leading to Wakra has one of these.

  2. Brian Wesolowski says:

    Plenty of speed cameras here, but not the reward lottery system.

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