Technology I Want to See in Qatar: E la Carte Presto

by · April 22, 2012

I’m doing a series on cool technology I’d like to see in Qatar. I plan to do one post a week for the next couple of months. Qatar has definitely come a long way technologically, but it still lacks that cutting-edge wow factor when it comes to trying new technologies. Let me know of any cool technology you’d like to see in Qatar and perhaps I’ll do a little write-up on it. 

The E la Carte Presto

Let’s face it, service in Qatar’s restaurants is pretty inconsistent and at times maddeningly bad. We have all waited for ages to get a check, had servers be unable to answer questions about what’s on the menu or been served something that we didn’t order. Sure, these problem aren’t unique to Qatar, but for some reason the waiters in this country just aren’t as wonderful as the ones I remember back home that made thoughtful recommendations, suggested excellent pairings and added to my overall dining experience.

So can’t we just get rid of the waiters and replace them with robots? There are some restaurants in China that are doing just that (a touch weird!), but what I’d rather see is a technology the augments or enhances the waiter experience as opposed to totally replacing it. Well that is exactly what E La Carte Presto does. The Presto is an iPad-like tablet that sits on the table at restaurants and allows you to order directly from the screen without having to interact with a waiter. You can easily browse the menu, see photos of food items, read a full description, and potentially even see what ingredients are in the selections, which is great for people with allergies. You add items to your cart, click submit, and your order is zapped straight to the kitchen – presto!

Beyond ordering, Presto makes it easy to pay and divide up a bill – no more waiting for the check or trying to explain how you want it split – and your credit card never leaves your sight. It also allows for restaurants to share other valuable content right at the table, such as information about the neighborhood, weather, other locations, and yes, advertisements. The at table marketing opportunities are huge and what a great way to enroll customers in a loyalty program.

Take a look at the video from E La Carte on how Presto works and what the potential benefits are. There are apparently already 100 restaurants using it and 150 more on the waiting list. I could definitely see this catching on, especially with the 10% estimated increase in revenue for restaurants. Presto definitely makes my list of cool technology I would like to see in Qatar.

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