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by · April 3, 2012

I have talked about Creative Commons a lot on this blog and with the launch of Creative Commons (CC) Qatar in May of last year, we have seen a growing community of CC users and advocates here. Still, CC can be a bit difficult to explain. Who really wants to talk about the nuances of copyrights when what they really care about is sharing their work openly and freely?

To help people better understand what Creative Commons is and how it can be used to help creative people share their work – and work together – CC Qatar collaborated with their friends at Wiki Kiwis to create a short video, “Meet Creative Commons.” The video takes a humorous view of the limits of existing copyright laws in the digital age and shows just how easy it can be to apply CC licenses to your creative works. It even explains those tricky license symbols and, of course, does so with a Qatari flair!

The video is posted below for your viewing pleasure. Take a look and share it with all your creative friends – keep it moving forward! Also, feel free to use the video in any way you like, as long as it is attributed to CC Qatar. The video is of course done in Arabic as well.

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