Where Have Mobile Apps Gone?

by · March 27, 2012

So we all know that smartphone usage in Qatar is quite high even though  there hasn’t been a study that demonstrates the penetration levels in Qatar. Until now that is – and surprisingly the most interesting finding to me is that smartphones are very much out there with high usage – but mobile apps aren’t!

The “Qatar Smartphone Market – Q4 2011 Syndicated Report”  which ictQATAR collaborated on with Nielsen, involved face-to-face interviews during December 2011 and January 2012 with a representative sample of Qatar residents between the ages of 15-64. The report shows that the main reason why people like to buy smartphones is because of their stylish design and innovative features. What’s interesting is that those surveyed said they barely use mobile apps despite their belief that such apps really offer a competitive advantage to smartphones.

The key findings of the market survey indicate that:

  • Smartphone penetration in Qatar stands at 75 percent.
  • Respondents are very well satisfied with their mobile devices.
  • Most of those surveyed  said they don’t have or use any apps in their handsets and an even bigger portion reported they had not downloaded or purchased mobile apps in the 30 days prior to the study. That’s very surprising to me – I wonder why that is, especially when you consider this number includes both free and paid apps.

Other findings from the study include:

  • Music related apps were the most popular, the Blackberry app store was the most used app store and Yahoo Mail was the most used email service.
  • Respondents also reported they typically engaged in 1-5 gaming sessions a week and mostly used social networking websites for uploading and viewing pictures.
  • Pricing remains the top reason for not purchasing smartphones.

To download the Executive Summary of the Report, please visit this page.


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  1. mike says:

    The main reason I did not purchase apps for my smartphone when I lived in Qatar was that the Android Marketplace is blocked from use there. When people are prohibited from purchasing apps, it becomes more clear as to why they do not use them.

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