Fight Cyber-bullying with Angry Birds Game

by · March 21, 2012

What is your definition of Digital Heaven? Well how about the combination of two things that we at Digital Qatar are passionate about, i.e. playing Angry Birds and fighting Cyber bullying. Yes, these two worthy causes have combined with the release of the new Angry Birds: Space game.

This week sees the launch of Rovio’s new Angry Birds offering and, having partnered with NASA and developed mind boggling levels of physics needed to conquer each level, the Finnish game makers next partnered with MTV to send a fighting message to online bullies.

How does this work? Well, players can unlock a secret Golden Egg level when they support MTV’s “A THIN LINE” campaign, which fights digital abuse, bullying and discrimination. Once you post a positive action on MTV’s Draw Your Line web page you’ll receive a hint to access the secret level. This positive action can be anything, such as promising to step in when you witness online bullying, changing your email and social media passwords, and spreading the message on Twitter and Facebook.
So far up to a million people have joined MTV’s campaign, but with the launch of Angry Birds: Space, this figure is very likely to sky-rocket. The new Angry Birds space game launches this Thursday and those clever people over at MTV are joining in the fanfare with a tag line of: Be an Upstander not a Bystander.

 ictQATAR, and of course Digital Qatar, believe passionately in making the online world a safe and enjoyable place for everyone. To that end we wholeheartedly support any initiative of this nature and therefore all staff will be playing the new Angry Birds: Space game with gusto! Sorry boss.

New features include launching the birds into space where players will need to navigate gravitational fields surrounding floating objects, effectively putting the Angry Bird experts right off their game as they need to employ new skills to win!

Apparently NASA has got a little more time on their hands now that George W Bush’s Star Wars project has been shelved as they are helping to launch the new game into the stratosphere – no pun intended. Kudos to Rovio for bagging them in the first place.
We kid you not, here is NASA Astronaut, Don Petit explaining just how the concept of space and zero gravity are going to put you off your game.

Two new birds have also been brought into the fold, Ice and Laser. Ice Bird has a certain charm, namely the ability to freeze objects then open them up to destruction by other birds.

Great fun and a good cause as well, heaven!

To find out more about ictQATAR’s cyber safety inititives please go to our website.

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