Fascinating Exhibits on display at QITCOM 2012

by · March 7, 2012

QITCOM 2012 Exhibition Center

There is an energy buzzing through the QITCOM 2012 exhibition hall this year and with 10,000m2 of space, 11 participating countries, 115 exhibitors, and 378 brands there is a lot to take in.

Three, large buses dominate the floor, with QSTP, MEEZA, eGOV, MOI, QSatelite, SAP, Cisco, ICT Start ups, the Tech Zone, Vodacom, QTel, Mada and the Innovation Theater being some of the larger more prominent stands.

There were also small gems tucked away in corners of the exhibition center, which are worth a mention.

iNet Middle East - Keeping children safePlatform Doha for Connecting Gamers

One of these, a bus, caught my attention. It was placed on the right-hand side in a corner and drew the audience due to its colorful painted sides.  This display from iNet Middle East showed the completely automated student monitoring system that ensures children are counted coming on and off their buses with an SMS that goes to the parents, with links to the administrator, the school and driver.

Another is Platform Expos,  a company that holds digital gaming and entertainment events for education, entertainment and employment. Platform Doha in conjunction with Qatar University will be holding an event on 18 April 2012 to facilitate in bringing all interested parties, from designers to developers, together for the first time in Doha.  The stand was fun and reminded me of Cartoon Network with their visually pleasing characters.

The Hitech e-Diary device was simply practical and easy to use, this device allows users to write on normal A5 paper with a scanner type Bluetooth attachment that captures whatever you write.  This innovation can be carried around with you or linked directly to your PC, if the device is attached to your notepad you can later link it back onto your PC to be downloaded and converted into a text file. This is innovative for all those people that cannot type and prefer to write their notes instead.

The Connected Car also drew much interest from the crowd, with its car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communication.  For more on this read The Connected Car –More than just a Vehicle on DigitalQatar.  A car that can re-route you due to traffic jams as well as call the workshop when an oil change is due, is worth a read.

VitaDock for a healthy living lifestyle

Being an Apple fan a favorite stand was the VitaDock for iPod, iPhone and iPad, it is an innovative medical Apple add on.  The Medisana Vitadock offers four products that allow you to read, store, evaluate and monitor your blood pressure and pulse – CardioDock, blood glucose – GlucoDock, temperature – ThermoDock and weight – TargetScale. Considering the issues with Diabetes and Obesity, which leads to high blood pressure and heart disease, these products are a welcome addition in the First Aid Kit at home.

These are some of the innovative products that are on display, there are many more and with the exhibition open for one more day it is worth a trip to the new Qatar National Convention Center out at Education City.


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