Monthly : March 2012

27 Mar

Where Have Mobile Apps Gone?

by مينا ناجي

So we all know that smartphone usage in Qatar is quite high even though  there hasn’t been a study that demonstrates the penetration levels in Qatar. Until now that is – and surprisingly the most interesting finding to me is that smartphones are very much out there with high usage – but mobile apps aren’t! […]

25 Mar

Protect your PIN says fin.INFOSEC event

by Sarah Spendiff

Sitting in a restaurant in Doha over the weekend I was shocked to hear a fellow customer bellow out the PIN number for his credit card across the room to the waiter bringing him his bill. This is not the first time I have seen this very casual attitude towards protecting sensitive personal financial information. […]

21 Mar

Fight Cyber-bullying with Angry Birds Game

by Sarah Spendiff

What is your definition of Digital Heaven? Well how about the combination of two things that we at Digital Qatar are passionate about, i.e. playing Angry Birds and fighting Cyber bullying. Yes, these two worthy causes have combined with the release of the new Angry Birds: Space game. This week sees the launch of Rovio’s […]

18 Mar

Youth Employment in Focus at CAS

by Sarah Spendiff

The need to encourage entrepreneurship and create millions of jobs for Qatar and the region were high on the agenda at the recent Connect Arab Summit 2012. The overall aim of the Summit, which was organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and hosted by ictQATAR, was to forge regional agreements to boost infrastructure deployment, […]

14 Mar

Preserving Qatar’s Rich Heritage and Culture

by Denise Mc Manus

The challenge of preserving heritage is a defining factor in every country’s management of its history and culture.  The world has experienced too many disasters where the heritage of a nation is lost due to war, fire, natural disasters, or negligence. With this knowledge the region has taken upon itself to start preserving some of […]