Monthly : February 2012

13 Feb

Zamzee: Using Technology and Gamification to Make Fitness Fun for Teens

by Brian Wesolowski

Tomorrow, across Qatar, we will mark the first National Sports Day with a range of activities including walks, mini-marathons, fitness tests and a variety of sporting matches. ictQATAR employees will be taking part in the official Sports Day walk tomorrow morning on the Corniche, and is giving all employees a pedometer so they can start […]

07 Feb

Stars of Mobile Technology Shine @ Everything Mobile

by Sarah Spendiff

Bright Stars of Mobile gather for ictQATAR Event The Everything Mobile Forum hosted by ictQATAR over the weekend was a great success. World leaders in innovative apps, mobile technology and regulatory issues gathered to share their perspectives on the future of everything mobile. So many interesting facts and stats turned up at the conference such […]

06 Feb

Are you Pinterested?

by Brian Wesolowski

By now you’ve probably heard some buzz about Pinterest. It’s the hot new social bookmarking site that some are predicting will be the next big driver of online retail sales. After asking for an invite and starting to explore Pinterest about 2 weeks ago, I must admit I’m hooked and can see huge growth potential. […]

02 Feb

Journalists between Danger and Truth

by خولة عقيل الحمادي

  Technology plays an important role in journalism. It enables us to witness, hear and live worldwide events between countries without being there, or putting our lives at risk. As recent events in this region have shown us, journalists play a crucial role in society. They are the impartial witnesses to war, up-risings, corruption and […]