Young Gifted and Arabic – Why the Connect Arab Summit 2012 matters

by · February 27, 2012

Why? Well to start with here are three good reasons…

1 Our social and political landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace

2 New media and technologies are at the heart of the change we are witnessing

3 The region could do well with innovation and novel entrepreneurship

On a sad and gloomy day, those three facts might dishearten you. However, these very facts may become the force behind a powerful transformation in the region.

“How?” You ask.

To capitalize on that hidden energy, the Connect Arab Summit taking place on March 5-7 aims to catapult Arab entrepreneurship forward by mixing ICT with business aspirations and a sprinkle of the renowned Arab wits and resourcefulness. The outcomes from this combination of market innovation and technology go far beyond the mere creation of a few businesses and committees to discuss those newly formed establishments. At the core of the Connect Arab Summit is the desire to reinvigorate the way the Arab world views itself and the tools it has at its disposal. Traditional accusations of the region being behind will fly out the window as we have a solid and perfectly timed launch to coincide with regional transformations and improvements.

Now add two more facts to the three mentioned above:

Youth comprise the largest segment of the Arab world demography

Today’s market penetration and exposure to technology make youth the most prominent  candidates to pick up new technologies and press on with them

It must be quite clear that I, like any other politically interested person in the region, will make sure to follow the Connect Arab Summit closely. As a young politically interested person, I’ve identified one specific Roundtable event which tops my list of what to make sure to attend. This roundtable takes our five facts and combines them together to start a discussion of utmost relevance to regional developments and circumstances today: “Youth. Innovation. Entrepreneurship”.

Presented, moderated and participated by pioneers of youth innovation and ICT fields, this discussion will bring into focus the challenges that we have faced as politically aware youths and aspiring social entrepreneurs. Most importantly, it will bring us solutions and innovative ways to deploy the tools at our disposal in order to explore the power of ICT’s and create a financial, social and political wealth driven by the millions of ‘switched on’  youths of the Arab world.

If you’ve ever come up with a great idea which was then shelved for lack of resources, technology, or support, this is the place to be to bring that idea back to life. Similarly, attending this discussion will highlight the notion that innovation is your ability to circumvent the challenges and use tools around you so that your next great idea enjoys a great deal of support and adds wealth to our culture and region.

I’ll be the one trying to find innovative ways to get closer to the front row. See you there!

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