Monthly : January 2012

30 Jan

Chilling with Social Media

by Denise Mc Manus

Last week changed how they work from a Turntable to a Pinterest (Pin board) concept, on researching the site more I was introduced to Namesake, Turntable (only available in the USA) and Pinterest. If you haven’t been introduced to these sites yet, read on! Chill : Initially a Turntable concept for video, has become […]

25 Jan

Apple for teacher – iPad not fruit

by Sarah Spendiff

          Many Internet savvy teachers in Qatar may already be familiar with the late Steve Jobs’ vision for education, which is to Applize it. iTunes U led the way with online seminars and free courses in subjects as diverse as art to heart surgery. These are undertaken much like an Open […]

23 Jan

Delete that SPAM

by Denise Mc Manus

Spam!  I have over the last few days listened to my business partner’s exasperated sighs over the approximately 2000 spam mails he received while on holiday for just over two weeks, his frustration is understandable, the solution ongoing. Everyone I know has been approached by X who has a fortune that she will share with […]

18 Jan

CES 2012, Cool Tech Dazzles

by Denise Mc Manus

I have been waiting with baited breath for the conclusion of the Consumer Electronics Show this past week.  Just in case you hadn’t heard CES is a major technology-related trade show held each January in the Las Vegas Convention Center.  The show, which is not open to the public, typically hosts previews of products and […]