Tomorrow’s Privacy!

by · November 30, 2011

Ask yourself what you thought the term “privacy” meant three years back and your answer probably would have been “fighting spam!”. Now, ask yourself that question once again and your answer most likely will be: Facebook!

Everything’s changed. And privacy will keep changing just as the way we access and use data is. ictQATAR recently held its latest “Connected Speakers” event, which featured Jules Polonetsky, Director and Chair of the Future of Privacy Forum. Jules spoke to ictQATAR about how social media, mobile and online advertising are changing the future of privacy.

Check out this video interview to know more about what tomorrow’s privacy will be like:

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  1. Risman Dukhan says:

    Do you know where your data goes online? Probably not. In today’s hyper-connected world, there is more information out there about us than ever before, much of which we are willingly sharing! We are at an important juncture in determining the future of privacy – will the abundance of data be used to benefit individuals and society, or will it lead us down a path where we are controlled by how others use our data?

    Thanks Jule and IctQatar for this event.

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