First Ever TEDx Youth Meet for Qatar

by · November 16, 2011

TEDxYouth@Doha will join over 100 other cities worldwide to commemorate the United Nations Universal Children’s Day celebrations on November 19. TEDYouth is the first ever TED event being held for young people.  The audience will “Play, Learn, Build & Share” with speakers to inspire creativity, share mind-shifting stories and engage with each other.  The main event will take place in Manhattan at the Times Center and will coincide with more than 100 self-organized TEDxYouthDay events worldwide over a 48 hour period, between 19 – 21 November, 2011. Georgetown University in Qatar, will play host to this monumental occasion for all the Doha Youth, on the 19th to coincide with the worldwide event. Check out this video to learn more.

The message of TEDxYouth@Doha to the Qatari Youth?

When you play, you learn.

When you learn, you build.

When you build, you share.

When you share, you get to play some more.

So… JUST PRESS PLAY. What do you have to lose?

The program will highlight three main areas for our youth on the day.

PAUSE: You have to know where to stand to know where you are going. Take a step back and see where you stand.

PLAY: Looking at the movement of ideas, people, cultures, lifestyles, and most notably… youth.

FAST FORWARD: A look at the future of Arab youth, technology, science, life, and humanity as a whole.

The accomplished and experienced businesswoman Sheikha Hanadi Nasser bin Khaled Al Thani who is widely recognised as a role model with the Qatari youth will be the guest speaker. She was chosen in 2007 by the Arabian Business magazine as one of the world’s most influential Arabs.  The UK’s Financial Times voted her amongst the top 20 women role models in global banking and finance in 2008 and in the same year she won the prestigious “Businesswoman of the Year” award from the ITP publishing group.

Sheikha Hanadi is a passionate advocate of community development activities and is committed to supporting the Qatari youth. She believes in inspiring young people to aim high and focus in their quest to succeed in achieving their dreams and aspirations through hard work and determination.

For more information on the day’s speakers, go to the TEDxYouth Program

Can’t make the date,  watch the free live webstream.

To learn more go to the TEDxYouthDay page and get involved in your local TEDxYouth Community.

TEDx is designed to give communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at a local level.

With this in mind, TEDx events for children/youth bring together local educators, organizations and kids for activities, live talks and storytelling that engage young minds to learn and experience in new and different ways.

There are a few ways to connect and subscribe to TEDxYouthDoha:



YouTube: TEDxTalks or TEDxYouth

Twitter: @TEDxYouthDoha

Enjoy the Experience, Enjoy Youth, Enjoy the Day!

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  1. Lalith Kumara Badhuge says:

    Looking forward to press “Play” with the whole bunch of amazing talented youths in Qatar on 19th November.

  2. Yasser Masood says:

    As the event’s Curator, I can’t forget to mention that we also contributed to this year’s intro video posted above (~0:55 mark)

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