Monthly : October 2011

27 Oct

5 Smartphone Roundups

by Denise Mc Manus

Mobile Confusion! How do you go about choosing the right mobile? The variety is overwhelming and the market is saturated with choice. Name brands such as Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson, and of course Blackberry, iPhone and Google Samsung Nexus, flood the marketplace.  Then there are all the discussions of smart phone, android […]

23 Oct

Qatar Taking Lead to Boost Arabic Content on Wikipedia

by Brian Wesolowski

According to Wikipedia, Portuguese is spoken by about 193 million people, while Arabic is spoken by 452 million people, yet there are around 700,000 articles in Wikipedia in Portuguese and only 150,000 articles in Arabic. What?! A lot of people complain about the shortage of quality Arabic content online, but few stats illustrated that fact […]

19 Oct

Dot Just About Anything

by Brian Wesolowski

.Com has become synonymous with the Internet. Everyone company, organization and blogger – anyone online – seems to need a .com. There are of course those other dots, like .org, .gov, .net and .edu, but they just don’t have the cache of .com. Well soon there may be a lot more dots to choose from […]

16 Oct

The kids are OK…

by Denise Mc Manus

My son, who is a rather sensitive soul, was physically bullied and verbally abused at his previous school. The perpetrators were not expelled.  They were kept in for one break and reprimanded. This was not their first offense. My son, as a result, stayed in at break times and spent his time in the library. […]

12 Oct

How Cyber Aware Are You?

by Denise Mc Manus

I recently allowed my children to move something into their bedrooms that created much excitement – their flat metallic boxes. Yes, their laptops, the one piece of equipment that everyone is told NOT to allow into your child’s bedroom.  Both children have an instinctive love for the techno world. They can grasp complicated games and […]