Monthly : September 2011

29 Sep

The 3 Cs of Online Vulnerability

by مينا ناجي

It’s my second day at the Internet Governance Forum in Nairobi, Kenya and I must say it’s truly an awesome experience. Great weather, extremely nice people and an amazing ICT atmosphere in the Forum. The first workshop I attended was about protecting vulnerable groups online and safeguarding them against the various risks they may encounter. […]

26 Sep

Powering an Open Future at the Creative Commons Global Summit

by Brian Wesolowski

Connections. As with any conference or summit, connections are the key to a successful event, and without question the 2011 Creative Commons Global Summit held in Warsaw, Poland helped the CC global community make many connections that will go a long way to powering an open future. The CC Global Summit, which took place September 16-18, […]

22 Sep

Goodbye Wallets, Hello Mobile Pay Apps

by Denise Mc Manus

We know that M-Commerce is redefining how we purchase products and services, but will our phones soon replace our wallets? In the past humans have always used some method of payment for services or goods; from bartering, to coins, paper money and on to plastic cards.  Now the world is on to the next big […]

20 Sep

.QA IS Your Local Marketing Strategy

by Julia Astashkina

We all are increasingly dependent on major search engines when looking for products and services. Millions in the Middle East flock to Google, Bing and Yahoo! every day – whatever the products is, someone is searching for it. Search engines mine digital content to instantaneously provide answers for those who are looking, and with a […]