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by · July 24, 2011

The iPray App

Ramadan will begin next week and Muslims around the world are preparing for the holy month, a month of religious reflection, prayer and fasting. Of course, there are mobile apps developed specifically for Muslims to help them observe their religious practices. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular offerings you may want to consider downloading to your smartphone before Ramadan.

iPray – Probably the most well-known app for Muslims is iPray, which makes it easy to know prayer times around the globe, has push alerts to let you know when it is prayer time, allows you to save your favorite cities (great for those who travel a lot), gives you the Qibla direction and also includes an Islamic events calendar. It’s not free though, this one will cost you $3.99 in the iTunes store.

Guidance Pray – This app is very similar to iPray and only costs $2.99, but has the added feature of helping you locate mosques nearby, which is particularly helpful if you are traveling during Ramadan.

iQuran – There are two versions of this app, iQuran Lite (free) and iQuran III ($6.99). Both versions allow you to read the Quran on your iPhone or iPad, share verses on social media and listen to recitations. The premium version offers the Quran in 30 different languages and allows you to choose from a variety of narrators doing to recitations. It also includes more tools to help you with memorizing and identifying discussion topics.

My Quran – This is probably the most comprehensive app for someone really wanting to study the Quran. The premium version is $14.99, but there is a free Lite version. In general, this app is geared towards teaching and memorization, allowing users to develop customized learning plans, track their progress and build their vocabulary.

iSubha - Prayer Beads on your iPhone

iSubha – Subha, which are the traditional Islamic prayer beads, have been reinvented with this app. For $1.99 you can get daily prayers to your phone or iPad, including English translations. It also uses the rhythmic clicking of the beads to help with counting and keeping focused during prayers.

Islamic Compass – Developed by the Islam Pray Institute for Quran and Qibla, this is a simple app that provides prayer times and has a compass that points in the Qibla direction. For Ramadan, it’s available for only $0.99.

Muslim Kids Series – This free apps makes the teaching of the Quran more accessible to kids. Using cute illustrations and friendly recitations, parents can take their kids through the Quran and share daily lessons.

Cure characters for kids on the Muslim Kids Series App

It’s not just Muslim iPhone and iPad users that can take advantage of apps, there are also numerous apps that have been developed for the Android OS, and Nokia offers a full range of mobile applications developed specifically for Muslims to use during Ramadan through their Ovi Store. Additionally, RIM announced they would also be releasing Islamic-themed apps in time for Ramadan.

Do you know of any great apps for Muslims? Be sure to recommend them here. Ramadan Kareem.

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  1. Najla Alkuwari says:

    Great Apps, for a holy month,
    Thanks for sharing with us Brian 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    Hi Brian,

    This is quiet interesting. Can I use this for our paper, of course, with your credit? I just try to make it newsy and add some more inputs. I am a Filipino reporter for the Peninsula and one of my beats is IT. I’ve been writing about mobile apps.


  3. Brian Wesolowski says:

    Hi Chris,

    You are more than welcome to use this for a story. The blog is shared under Creative Commons, so as long as you site the source, use it as you will!


  4. Adi says:

    Muslim Kids Series available for Android, u can download from here

  5. Najeeb says:

    These are great apps for Muslims especially for the blessed month of Ramadan. Thanks for summarizing them and sharing.

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    Please visit and join!

    Jazakallah and May Allah bless you all!

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