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by · July 11, 2011

Guest blogger Amy Hollinsworth is a rising senior at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario, Canada majoring in Communication Studies.  Amy is currently a summer intern at ictQATAR.

Tired of all the mainstream pop and want to discover some amazing, independent music. Well buy into the hype and jump into Hype Machine. I have been using Hype Machine for a few years now and I am always amazed at the great remixing masterpieces I discover. One of my friends in my first year at University showed me the website and my ears have been hooked ever since. Hype Machine is a music blog aggregator created in 2005 by a small group of music enthusiasts in New York. The editors of Hype Machine find the best music blogs in the world and bring them to you through one searchable, playable platform.

There are thousands of songs to listen to for free and music blogs to read. You’ll find great new music and hear the chatter around it. You can find anything from Top 40 music like “Hello” by Martin Solveig featuring Dragonette to mash-ups like “I Want Brooklyn Back” by The White Panda. There is a search engine where you can type in your favorite artist/song, or click on “Latest” to find the most recent music blogs, “Popular” to listen to the most listened to song that week, and “Spy” to see what people all over the world are listening to. The great thing about Hype Machine is that if you like a song you can click on the heart beside the song title and the website will save that song for you under “My Favorite Songs,” helping you create a playlist or remembering which songs you want to download later.

Hype Machine is all about sharing, so I shouldn’t have been surprised that it features Creative Commons music! I wasn’t expecting to find Creative Commons music on Hype Machine, but that tends to happen on this website. You find unique songs that you never thought you would like or that you have never heard before. A couple of weeks back I found a band called Superhumanoids. Under one of their songs I noticed it was tagged as Creative Commons. I clicked on the tag and the website brought me to pages upon pages of Creative Commons music.

What does this mean? Well it means Hype Machine make music available for everyone and allows them to remix and share it easily, while protecting the rights of the musician. Musicians can put their own twist on these Creative Commons songs without having to worry about copyright issues because the artist has already specified how it can be used. You can “Share, Remix, Reuse – Legally.” I personally do not do any musical remixing but I love hearing what other people can do to music. I love the idea of mixing 2 or even 10 songs together to create something new and unique. Often the final creation is better than any one original. It would be awesome to see (well I guess hear) Creative Commons music posted by artists in the Qatar community.

Discover Calvin Harris on Hype Machine

Check out this link to see what I have been listening to recently. You might notice that I enjoy a WIDE variety of music. I highly recommend creating your own account; you never know what you will find on Hype Machine! To get you started, take a listen to this new track from Calvin Harris I recently discovered.


Amy Hollinsworth

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