Monthly : July 2011

26 Jul

10 Reasons Why We Want Arabic Hashtags on Twitter!

by مينا ناجي

If you are an Arabic speaker and on Twitter, you’ve probably come across the increasing demands from the Arabic-speaking community in Qatar and the Arab world for Twitter to start supporting Arabic hashtags. With the #letstweetinarabic movement going strong in Qatar and spreading in other Arab countries, Twitter is increasingly becoming a hub for quality […]

24 Jul

Mobile Apps for Ramadan

by Brian Wesolowski

Ramadan will begin next week and Muslims around the world are preparing for the holy month, a month of religious reflection, prayer and fasting. Of course, there are mobile apps developed specifically for Muslims to help them observe their religious practices. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular offerings you may want […]

13 Jul

Apps and Sites to Save Travelers Money

by Julia Astashkina

Inspired by Brian’s blog post, my mind started wondering off to idyllic country inns and the smell of blooming peonies and no travel arrangements to support my fantasies. If you are like me, and yearn for a mid-summer gateway, but your budget is more Al Wakrah than Maldives, don’t automatically assume that it’s too late […]

11 Jul

Hype it Up!

by Brian Wesolowski

Guest blogger Amy Hollinsworth is a rising senior at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario, Canada majoring in Communication Studies.  Amy is currently a summer intern at ictQATAR. Tired of all the mainstream pop and want to discover some amazing, independent music. Well buy into the hype and jump into Hype Machine. I have been using […]