Happy World IPv6 Day!

by · June 8, 2011

An IPv6 network What is world IPv6 Day? Guest blogger Kapil Bhatia fills you in.

Right now while you are browsing Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing , Akamai, or Limelight Networks you may find them slow or unresponsive. Why?

Well, today is the World IPv6 Day. To hear some people talk about what may happen, you might get the impression that this will be a major catastrophe. But likely, the IPv6 Day will probably have about as much of a tragic effect as Y2K. Here’s what you need to know about IPv6 Day, how you’ll be affected and why you shouldn’t panic.

What is IPv6? IPv6 stands for Internet Protocol version 6, a new way of issuing the identifying numbers given to computers and other devices online.

Right now, we use IPv4, which can issue up to 4.2 billion numbers for devices on the Internet. With the growing demand for connectivity, that’s just not enough. The last of the IPv4 addresses have already been handed out.

Both IPV4 and IPV6 can run parallel but can’t communicate with each other. For example, if one person is using IPV4 and other IPV6, they may not be able to chat.

Why are they doing this? These companies are switching over to IPv6 to get ready for the change before we exhaust all the IPv4 addresses and new IPv6 numbers are assigned.

In all likelihood, you won’t even notice the test. The vast majority of devices and browsers (99.95%) will be able to access services without interruption: either they’ll connect over IPv6, or their systems will successfully fall back to IPv4. A few devices about .05% may behave differently due to mis-configured home networking equipment, such as home routers, that can make a computer think it has IPv6 connectivity when in fact it doesn’t.

To see whether your computer is able to access sites running both protocols you can visit this IPv6 eye chart– it only take 10 seconds. Happy IVP6 day!

Kapil Bhatia is an E-Business Executive, working in the Financial Services Industry for the past 10 years. His work ranges across Digital Marketing, e-Channels and development of marketing strategies, with a sound Information Technology base.

Follow him on twitter @kapilkb. He is an avid blogger @ http://iwep.blogspot.com , and an amateur photographer @ http://earsplease.blogspot.com


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