Creative Commons Qatar is Coming!

by · May 10, 2011

Can you feel the excitement? Yes, it’s true. Qatar is about to welcome an official affiliate of Creative Commons (CC) to the country. In February, ictQATAR signed a formal MOU with Creative Commons to serve as the host organization for the affiliate and on May 31, 2011 Creative Commons Qatar will hold its official launch at the stunning Museum of Islamic Art. This is not an event you should miss.

I’ll fess up, I’m one of the people involved in planning the event, so I know it will be unlike your standard launch. No ribbon cuttings here. Expect a night filled with amazing music (mixes!) and visual remixing, great food (W Doha!) and some big announcements from local organizations and individuals that are using Creative Commons. To attend, register at the CC Qatar Eventbrite page.

The official invitation to the CC Qatar Launch

After the launch, CC Qatar will start to do the real work of building a vibrant CC community in Qatar. A series of topic specific workshops is being planned, and the first will be held on June 1, 2011 for visual artists (more details coming soon). Planning has also started for workshops on photography, filmmaking, web development and graphic design. Let me know if there is a topic you think would make for a good CC workshop. Beyond workshops, CC Qatar will organize community meet ups, a CC iftar during the holy month of Ramadan and will also be reaching out to more organizations and individuals about how they can benefit from applying Creative Commons to their creative works. A lot of creativity, right?!

For those of you who are still unclear about what Creative Commons is, I recommend watching a video titled “Wanna Work Together?,” which I showed recently at the Doha Tweetup. The video gives a quick overview on CC principles and how CC licenses work. I had some trouble uploading it, so you can watch it on the CC website.

I’m hoping you all want to work together and take advantage of the power of sharing and collaboration. You can follow CC Qatar on Twitter via @ccqatar, and also become a fan on Facebook. Look for the CC Qatar website to be launched in the coming weeks (certainly before the launch event!) that will showcase local work under CC and allow creators to share their works.

Look forward to seeing you all on May 31 and working with you to grow a vibrant CC community here!


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  1. Yasser Masood says:

    Aside from the creative media, we can also extend Creative Commons to personal blogs.

  2. Mohammed Habib says:

    Sharing of resources within education is a major area of growth – with MIT Openware being a prime example of a signifcant OER initiative.

    I’m sure a workshop on education and how CC can help would be beneficial as part of an overall awareness program for educators.

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