Monthly : May 2011

31 May

A Wanasa World!

by مينا ناجي

We’ve all seen these talent shows where people come on stage to sing or dance or do some tricks to win a prize. But to apply the idea to technology and get some of Qatar’s most talented youth to showcase their innovative ICT ideas? Well, that’s new! Spotlights everywhere. Lots of people gather to see […]

26 May

QITCOM Keynote By Guy Kawasaki A Crash Course On Successful Innovation

by Anirudh Sharma

In her address at the opening of QITCOM 2011 ictQATAR’s inaugural Conference and Exhibition, Dr. Hessa Al-Jaber described Guy Kawasaki as “one of the true visionaries of our industry” and said that he is “a clear thinker and an innovator, and I am sure we can all learn from him.” Kawasaki, keynote speaker at QITCOM, […]

22 May

Android Is Coming – Sweet Choice

by Julia Astashkina

My husband has been talking about his Android phone incessantly for awhile. I have been perfectly content to ignore his chatter and type away on my beloved BlackBerry like so many others in Qatar (currently almost 23% of smartphone users in Qatar have a BlackBerry). Although, lately, I have been reading more and more about […]

16 May

Sparked: Are You Ready to Microvolunteer?

by Brian Wesolowski

Yes, we are all busy, but are we too busy to give just a bit of our time to help a worthy cause? Maybe if it requires volunteer training or considerable in person support, but what about virtual volunteering? I have done that before – written a press release for a non-profit, made some media […]

10 May

Creative Commons Qatar is Coming!

by Brian Wesolowski

Can you feel the excitement? Yes, it’s true. Qatar is about to welcome an official affiliate of Creative Commons (CC) to the country. In February, ictQATAR signed a formal MOU with Creative Commons to serve as the host organization for the affiliate and on May 31, 2011 Creative Commons Qatar will hold its official launch […]