The Death of CV as We Know It

by · April 4, 2011

Online you can watch a video, listen to a podcast, move through a set of slides, take a poll, participate in a web chat, link to friends, and retweet messages to a broad network. So why are so many of us failing to take advantage of the Internet to market ourselves and still creating that boring, standard format CV?

When was the last time you sent out a hard copy of your CV? Maybe you submitted one at a career fair, but more likely you sent an electronic version that was then passed around digitally many times before you ever got a call for an interview. Since the CV is already being shared digitally, why not use some of the amazing digital media and resources to truly show who you are – differentiate yourself for your potential employers – especially in the ultra-competitive marketplace of today!

Not surprisingly, there are numerous websites that you can use to help create a more effective digital CV. My favorite site is VisualCV. They demonstrate very well what a great digital CV could be. I highly recommend checking it out.

VisualCV isn’t just a summary of your skills and accomplishments, but rather it positions you as a brand worthy of remark. It allows you to build a unique self-presentation using video, audio, graphs, testimonials, and relevant links. The service is free and takes relatively little time to put together. It also works well in tandem with your LinkedIn profile, linking each to the other, and providing that much more information about you.

You can also check out other sites that offer similar services, including Doodlebit, Interactive Resume Services, Emurse, and Vision-Resume. In addition, some job boards, like, go the distance and encourage candidates upload video CVs. Whatever the final product is called – Web bio, portfolio, a visual vitae, a web resume, it certainly is no longer the traditional CV.

This trend to multimedia online elaboration and expansion of your professional self will only continue to grow and, I believe, it will soon be the death knell for the traditional CV. As search firms, recruiters, and employers use ever more thorough searches online to uncover the top candidates and stars, be sure you are ahead of the curve and build yourself a truly powerful multimedia CV today!

Post By Julia Astashkina (25 Posts)

Julia Astashkina is heading the Marketing and Outreach Section at the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology in Qatar. She runs organization’s multiple communications and marketing initiatives and is a guest blogger of the Digital Qatar blog. Julia has extensive experience in strategic marketing, communications, and social innovation. She has an MBA and other degrees from Georgetown and ESADE, and is the community lead for Creative Commons Qatar.


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  1. Yasser Masood says:

    I’d say that digital branding is on the rise, as resumes seem to be biased (Written by the one selling himself).

  2. Maryam E. says:

    Last year, when I had to prepare my CV for the first time, I was wondering why CVs never change? Same format, printed and not electronic. I was hoping for a revolution concerning CVs specially in Qatar. And here it is. I guess the revolution started. But the question is, will companies and organizations accept these electronic CVs?

    I remembered this:
    It’s a cv represented in a very creative way.

    Thank you for this very useful post!
    I surely will refer to it soon!

  3. hani ochi says:

    hello .i hope to join your team in qatar.thanks

  4. Julia Astashkina says:

    Hi Yasser, I tend not to think of resumes as biased, but rather as ‘sharing the benefits of what I have to offer’ in the most effective way. We all could benefit from personal branding. To be marketable and employable today, you have to find a way to stand out from the crowd of other very smart and qualified people, and I think digital CVs help you achieve just that.

  5. Julia Astashkina says:

    Hi Maryam, I am glad you found the post useful and thanks for sharing the link to a CV that you like — it’s very creative.

    I agree, there is a question about whether or not every single company would accept a Visual CV since it’s not mainstream yet. And you know what – that’s great news for you if you are the first one to the market with something different. I think most companies in Qatar would at least accept a Visual CV as a supplement. Your goal is to leave a long-lasting impression with an employer and showing that you have gone the extra mile would certainly help.

  6. Mohammed Habib says:

    The innovations in the CV from video to Flash based are all well and good but as mentioned companies generally want a basic 2-3 page A4 CV.

    My solutiona is to use a standard CV with links to an online CV placed in the cover letter/email – so the covering letter gives the recruiter immediate access to your CV without having to download an attachment.

    The recruiter then immediately clicks on the link and accesses a visual cv – if they like what they see they can then download your traditional Word CV !!!

    I used the services of – they’re not too expensive and they give you online options too – plus you have access for a whole year. They also review and update your CV for free – pretty cool.

    Check one of the flash versions – I thought it was snazzy…

    • Andrew Duffy says:

      Well said – I think there will always be a place for the Word CV but definitely we’re going to see more and more of the video / online web CVs too.

  7. Sarah says:

    Good post. Being regional services one more site you have missed that is, This is HR gateway for the Gulf. Their resume services for individuals are great. I have achieved my goals through their Confidential CV (Digital CV) service.

    You can reach them at their service desk

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