Monthly : April 2011

24 Apr

(odo)sketch away!

by Aysha Siddique

As an amateur wannabe artist, I’m always looking to improve my skill with the paintbrush. I obsess over my artistic friends’ paintings, stare at it long enough and steal techniques. I watch videos on YouTube to try and emulate the artists. However, I’m often lazy to pull out the messy paints and try out the […]

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19 Apr

Qatar’s ICT Landscape Report: Not Just Crunching Numbers!

by Anirudh Sharma

Do you feel elated that Qatar has moved 5 places up to be the 25th most networked ready-nations in the world? Before you answer, remember that this piece of news is based on hard facts gathered and analyzed by the Global Information and Technology Report 2010-2011. Honestly, being ranked 25th out of 138 developed and […]

14 Apr

Web Apps to Help You Streamline Your Digital Life

by Julia Astashkina

When we think about how to be more successful in focusing on the meaningful work, much of the challenge is in clearing out the clutter created by too many e-mails, chats, Facebook updates and phone calls. Communication clutter can be exhausting, distracting and loaded with guilt of feeling behind. If you ever feel overwhelmed just […]

11 Apr

Access for All? It’s a never ending story, just ask Mickey!

by Brian Wesolowski

David Banes, Deputy Director of Mada, Qatar’s Assistive Technology Center, shares his latest insights on assistive technologies with us! Earlier this year I had the opportunity to travel to Orlando in the American state of Florida for a major assistive technology conference. The conference was a success despite the hotel catching fire and a tornado touching down in […]

04 Apr

The Death of CV as We Know It

by Julia Astashkina

Online you can watch a video, listen to a podcast, move through a set of slides, take a poll, participate in a web chat, link to friends, and retweet messages to a broad network. So why are so many of us failing to take advantage of the Internet to market ourselves and still creating that […]