Monthly : March 2011

14 Mar

Mobilizing the Internet Community to Help Japan Recover

by Brian Wesolowski

Like people around the world, I was shocked by the horrifying footage of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that devastated Japan this past Friday. As the death toll continues to climb and the reality of a massive recovery sets in, the Internet is uniting the global community to help the people of Japan. An excellent […]

10 Mar

Come on Doha! Carbonrally to Save the Environment

by Brian Wesolowski

Have you ever wanted to do something to help save the environment, but felt like the challenge was just too daunting for one person to make a difference? Then you should take advantage of the power of online mass collaboration and join For those of you that attended ictQATAR’s Connected Speakers event with Wikinomics […]

01 Mar

Welcoming Qatar’s Arabic Domain Names to the Internet

by Brian Wesolowski

For those of us that speak English, the web is honestly pretty accessible. Yes, a lot of sites fail to meet W3C standards, but at least we have some clear direction on how to improve this. But what about for those that can’t read Latin-scripts?  You know, the millions of people who speak and read […]