Storify: Turning Social Media Into Stories

by · March 16, 2011

For many of us, social media is the way we receive our news and watch events unfold. We know what is going on from Tweets, Facebook posts, virally spreading YouTube videos and photostreams on Flickr. This is true of profound events, such as the revolutions in the Arab world and the tsunami in Japan, but also for more common daily events, such as a friend’s promotion or a local concert. In the moment, this is fantastic, but the story often gets buried quickly under the mound of tweets, posts and shares that pile upon. What if you want to tell the story you watched unfold on social media three days later? Would you really dig through all those tweets, scour Facebook posts from various friends or try to locate that one photo that said it all for you? With Storify, this is made easy.

Storify is cool new site that allows users to easily drag and drop elements from social media into one story. Think of it as online scrapbooking. You can take a photo from Flickr, pair it with some Tweets, include some Facebook commentary and then wrap it all about with a video from YouTube. This “story” can then be shared on Twitter or Facebook, or embedded in your website or blog. Take a look at the following video to see how it works.

Storify Overview from Storify on Vimeo.

Simple, right? Storify can of course be used for far more than re-telling a story of a past event. It also has great potential as a marketing tool for a business, showcasing what people are saying about them or their products, or promoting an upcoming event.

You currently need an invite to try out Storify because it is in its beta development phase and I was lucky enough to get one recently (can you say VIP?!). I have enjoyed playing on the site and your really can create some nice stories. I think it’s a great tool for citizen journalists and bloggers that want to tell a story in a new way. Take advantage of that flood of great content coming through social media!

Below is a story I created through Storify promoting the upcoming Terry Fox Run in Doha. In a tight, compact way you can find out information about the run (when, where and how to register), who Terry Fox is and see photos from previous events – and I didn’t have to create a website. I definitely like the site and would encourage you to sign-up for an invite. I can’t wait to see this site grow as they incorporate more features during the beta phase – its no wonder they recently raised $2 million!

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