Monthly : March 2011

31 Mar

Cyber-music or music? Such a tough choice to make

by Anirudh Sharma

Do you like cyber-music? If your answer is in the affirmative, could you please explain the difference between music and cyber-music? Fret not if you can’t. Instead, ask Marcus J. Ranum, credited for many innovations in the firewall technology, the same question and he will retort: “Does putting ‘cyber’ in front of something automatically mean it’s new, […]

28 Mar

Qatar’s National Broadband Network: Time to Innovate

by Brian Wesolowski

The big news in Qatar today was the announcement from ictQATAR that the government is stepping up to build a national broadband network in the country. A new company – the Qatar National Broadband Network Company – will be tasked with accelerating the current rollout of fiber-to-home, with a goal of at least 95% coverage […]

23 Mar

Happy Birthday Twitter – and Thanks for Being Accessible!

by Brian Wesolowski

David Banes, Deputy Director of Mada, Qatar’s Assistive Technology Center, shares his latest insights on assistive technologies with us! People all around the world will be celebrating the 5th birthday of Twitter this week. Here in Qatar, tweeps (term used to describe Twitter users) will be getting together at Aspire Park for the Doha Twestival. Like many others […]

21 Mar

Is SCVNGR’s Chief Ninja The Next Mark Zuckerberg?

by Anirudh Sharma

Aaron Graves is 8-years-old and a back-end engineer at SCVNGR. His interests include dogs, Legos, Ruby on Rails, and throwing things at girls. Attempts to determine his favorite Sponge Bob character were rebuffed as “plebeian” and… “contributing to the commercialization of childhood,” whatever that means. This is how one of the team members of SCVNGR, […]