Microsoft & Twitter CEOs deliver keynotes at Mobile World Congress 2011

by · February 15, 2011

The GSMA Mobile World Congress has launched into full motion, with two very interesting keynotes on the first full day.

Steve Ballmer, Chief Executive Office of Microsoft, gave a sneak preview of Windows phone with IE9 during his keynote. Trust me – it will be competition for the iPhone! Microsoft also gave a demonstration of some of the improvements that would be included in Windows Phone 7, including a faster Web browser and quicker switching between applications.

Ballmer emphasized the importance of his company’s partnership with mobile phone giant Nokia, announced last week. He also invited Nokia CEO Stephen Elop on stage to talk about the partnership. He said that Nokia’s support will help Windows Phone overall to build strength versus other mobile platforms. “That’s not just good for Nokia,” he said, adding, “That’s good for all our handset partners.”

You can watch a recording of Ballmer’s keynote  here.

Twitter Chief Executive Dick Costolo also delivered a keynote speech at the World Mobile Congress 2011. Costolo talked about Twitter’s future aspirations and what the 350-staffed company wants to achieve in 2011 and beyond. Starting on a light-hearted note by sharing interesting tweets by famous and not-so-famous tweeters, he went on to share what his company’s goals are.

“Our goals are pretty simple,” he said, “We want Twitter to be instantly useful. Whether you are a new user or an experienced user, when you sign up for Twitter, when you fire up the Twitter application you should get a meaningful timeline right away.” The second goal, is to “make Twitter more simple.” Then he elaborated on the second goal, “Now you might say how can a service that is just 140 characters of text be more simple….when users switch devices the experience has to be similar. I shouldn’t have to think about how to use Twitter.”

“And finally we want to be always present.”

While sharing some interesting tweets across the world, Costolo specifically highlighted a Twitter campaign by Al Jazeera during the Egypt protests, “Demand Al Jazeera in the USA #demandaljazeera.” Later, in a candid question and answer session, Costolo denied rumors about Google‘s interest in buying Twitter for $10 billion. “I don’t know where these things come from. It’s just a rumor,” he replied.

A recording of his keynote is available for viewing online at

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