Foodily: Making Your Cooking More Social

by · February 2, 2011

I am a very novice cook, but I do like to cook and definitely enjoy having friends over for dinner. Sadly, my limited repertoire of tacos, chicken parmesan, a smattering of stir fries and baked chicken can only impress for so long though. Like most novices cooks, I search through a variety of cooking sites for recipes that will taste good and make me look good, but that I also won’t mess up. My favorite sites are Epicurious, and All of them offer a nice selection of recipes and users reviews.

There is a new food website that is getting a lot of buzz that goes beyond just user reviews though – and has $5 million in funding behind it! Meet Foodily – the website that is striving to make your cooking more social.

First, Foodily is an incredible aggregate of all the major cooking websites out there, and also pulls from many excellent cooking blogs. Type in chicken or carrot cake and you are quickly taken to a slick page that easily allows you to scroll through a huge selection of recipes from different sites. As Mashable described it, it’s a bit like Google News for recipes (but looks much nicer!). From all the recipes that appear you can select your favorites to create an online cookbook and filter by ingredients – eliminate things you dislike (barf eggplant) or have only recipes with items you love (mmmm sun-dried tomatoes). This alone is enough to make me really like Foodily, but there is more.

A great way to view recipes - mmm carrot cake!

Foodily also allows users to integrate their recipes with Facebook directly, making it easy to share recipes and also to know what your friends like. Beyond this, Foodily allows you to create menus and share them through Facebook events, letting guests not only know what you are making, but means they also won’t have to ask you for a recipe if they love what you cooked.

The Facebook integration part of Foodily just went live today, so it will take time for people to join and fully realize its potential, but it certainly is a great idea – and even if it doesn’t become totally social, it’s already a great aggregator of recipes. I know where I will go online to plan my next dinner party!

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  1. Edgar Herrera says:

    Awesome recipe, i’ll do it with my wife today. Hope i get it right! Cheers

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