Monthly : February 2011

24 Feb

Managing your e-Waste

by Brian Wesolowski

Welcome ictQATAR’s Open Source Analyst Aysha Siddique to Digital Qatar! She shares her insight on the how to battle the growing problem of e-waste. Many of us in the Net –generation are early adopters of new technology as we use and accumulate the rapidly developing ‘best, latest, and coolest’ technologies and inevitably find little or […]

21 Feb

Apple Subscription Plan: Does One Size Really Fit All?

by Brian Wesolowski

Apple’s announcement last week that they plan to start offering subscriptions through their apps store caused quite the stir among publishers and content creators. On the one hand, Apple offering to promote subscriptions through its apps store represents a huge opportunity for newspapers and magazines to monetize access to their content – something they have […]

17 Feb

Mobile Innovation: No Longer Just An Idea

by Anirudh Sharma

Of course, the above title is not original at all. But I am sure LG won’t mind that we borrowed their tagline to say that mobile innovation is right here, right now at the Mobile World Congress 2011,especially as we see product after product showcasing what was just an idea on paper yesterday and today […]

16 Feb

Google CEO: “Our strongest competitor is Microsoft”

by Anirudh Sharma

It’s indeed out in the open. Speaking at the World Mobile Congress 2011, Eric Schmidt, Google‘s Chairman and Chief Executive, mentioned Microsoft as Google’s top competitor. In his words, “No question, our strongest competitor is Microsoft. They have a strong advertising model. They have the cash, the scale, the brand, and the reach to do good […]

15 Feb

Microsoft & Twitter CEOs deliver keynotes at Mobile World Congress 2011

by Anirudh Sharma

The GSMA Mobile World Congress has launched into full motion, with two very interesting keynotes on the first full day. Steve Ballmer, Chief Executive Office of Microsoft, gave a sneak preview of Windows phone with IE9 during his keynote. Trust me – it will be competition for the iPhone! Microsoft also gave a demonstration of some […]